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At Prism Technologies Group, it’s our business to keep your business’s IT system operating at peak performance.  As a managed service provider, we have numerous ways of monitoring and maintaining the health of your business’s infrastructure and applications. We are computer network support specialists at your service. 

Our focus is to help you by properly maintaining your technology environment, so that you can focus on your business.  By managing your IT systems, we continually track its availability and functionality to ensure optimal performance.

We offer a wide arrangement of services to include:

Essential IT Support

We provide all of the technological components that companies need to effectively run 24/7 by understanding our clients’ processes.  We proactively monitor their system’s availability and functionality by tracking its performance, analyzing trends and evaluating utilization.

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Managed Anti-Virus

We protect your computers from software programs that deliberately corrupt the operation of your equipment.  We manage full virus scans to prevent the latest known viruses, and we monitor and update each system’s virus definitions so they are always up to date.  

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Managed Anti-Spam

We prevent spam and unsolicited emails from entering your system and consuming a significant amount of time and bandwidth by utilizing multi-level filters.

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Managed Backup

Once we setup your backup jobs, we manage them to ensure they are fully operational.  By conducting periodic restores, we validate the integrity of the backup, which is an important tactic for recovering your data and safeguarding against system failures.

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Managed Compliance

We ensure your business adheres to the U.S. Government’s rules and regulations in regard to your network’s infrastructure.  Not only do we set up your network to meet the government’s requirements for regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX and SAS 70, we also perform audits regularly to confirm compliance is in place.

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Preventative Maintenance

We monitor the performance and functionality of your equipment by identifying potential issues before they occur and cause a major outage.  We establish proactive task capabilities on your machines so that they function as required.  

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Help Desk

We employ rapid response to your questions for a faster resolution of your service call.  We investigate trouble tickets thoroughly and we escalate the level of support when necessary.  We offer Help Desk support both remotely and on-site.

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