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Information technology is our core business, and with more than 60 years of combined experience, we can provide the business software solutions and hardware to best service your needs.  Once we understand the scope and volume of your needs, we recommend the system that will make it happen. We collaborate with numerous innovative vendors, so we know what works and what does not, and the long-term value each presents.

Authorized Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro 3 Resellers

Prism Technologies Group is proud to announce we are now officially one of only a few Microsoft Partners in the US that can sell Surface and Surface Pro 3 devices. We carry all the devices and accessories offered by Microsoft for the Surface devices.

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Computer, Server and Software: Lease, Purchase or Upgrade

The inevitable question that arises whenever you plan to replace hardware or software is “Should I lease, buy or upgrade what I have now?” There is a lot to evaluate when researching an answer, and Prism Technologies Group can lead you to a confident decision. We analyze the requirements and performance of your current system and applications.  We also consider the growth of your business and your budget.  From there, we recommend which option is the best choice for your business, considering your current situation and your future goals.

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Licensing Management

There is governance regarding the use of software, and identifying these regulations and managing your applications is a service Prism Technologies Group offers.  We identify what is on your network, then reconcile your company’s entitlements and provide reports revealing your licensing vantage point, with recommendations on how to proceed.

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Life Cycle Management

Having a systematic approach to managing the life cycle of your equipment is key to its performance.  By evaluating the age and performance of your systems, we continuously monitor and evaluate the product as it passes through each phase of its life cycle to ensure sustainability.  In addition, monitoring warranties is an essential component of this management process because it reduces hardware replacement costs and it bolsters return on investment.

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Asset Management

This inventory function is an important element when determining accountability, both financially and functionally.  As part of our asset management service, we identify your IT assets, review policies and processes, and evaluate the cost of your equipment. Our goal is to control inventory, ensure compliance, identify opportunities for cost savings and enhance the performance of your systems.

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