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We want you to make informed decisions about your IT investments, and our IT staff is available to discuss your company’s network solutions.  Our team of experts will assess and evaluate your IT strategic plan to ensure it supports your objectives for business growth.  

We provide consultation services for various industries, ranging from healthcare to hospitality, and we can do the same for your company.  

At Prism Technologies Group, our focus is to support your business by providing you professional counsel regarding your IT operations.  We want to contribute to your success, and here are some strategies for doing so.

Network Architecture

Properly designing your network is key.  We create a blue print based upon our assessment and your requirements.  The design we create contains all of your network’s physical components and applications, as well as operational principles and processes, configurations and functionality.  We discuss capacity planning, disaster recovery, availability and manageability as part of the plan.

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Data and Network Security

Safeguarding your company’s data and network is more complex than just having a firewall and anti-virus software. It takes an entire security system –processes and procedures for administrators and end-users to utilize daily to protect your most valued information.  We know the security measures needed for ultimate defense against misuse and unauthorized access. We can evaluate your network security to identify gaps in the systems, processes and procedures.

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Staff Augmentation

We have IT professionals at the ready to delve into your IT projects when you need a helping hand.  Having our technicians and engineers assist on your projects not only drives progress, it adds another skill set and leverages your existing resources.

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Project Management

This is one of our specialties.  Our success in these endeavors stems from planning, moderation and execution.  We take responsibility for leading the team and directing the resources necessary to complete the project on time and within budget constraints.

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With our assistance, you can have one system run multiple instances of an operating system, server or network appliance to maximize performance, flexibility and cost savings. Virtualization provides high availability, scalability and redundancy so that operations continue seamlessly.

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