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Technology is vital in today's business environment. When companies lose IT capabilities, operations come to a halt. For most businesses, the impact can be crippling due to the loss of productivity and revenue. Approximately 25 percent of businesses that experience a major disaster don’t reopen, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety.  In addition, Storage Magazine revealed more than 34 percent of businesses with backup methods didn’t test them, and of those that did, only 23 percent were successful restoring their network.   In short, a majority of companies do not backup, and those that do, fail to test their disaster recovery methods.  

Planning is the key to disaster recovery. The way we see it, planning for the worst and testing recovery components is just as important as the IT system itself. Disaster recovery as a service means more than backing up your data. It means being able to recover rapidly from an outage situation and implementing ways to carry on with your business endeavors in spite of it.

Business Continuity

We help organizations develop and implement the plans, policies, procedures and solutions needed to maintain business operations in the event of a loss. Our goal is to ensure that critical business functions are available at all times.

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Backup and Recovery

Having the right backup process in place can accelerate your recovery process.  We can make recommendations that are in line with your company's requirements now and in the future. Our intent is to, not only have the right systems in place, but to also make this a simple process for backing up and recovering data.

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Instant Failover

We can provide a virtual infrastructure, so if a failure occurs, the system is switched to another instantly. Hence, the impact to your daily operations will be minimal.

Bare Metal Restore

In the event of catastrophic failure, we can completely restore your computer’s hardware loss.  By utilizing backup images, we have the ability to recover the operating system, applications and data to new dissimilar hardware, which in turn, reduces recovery time.


De-duplication reduces the amount of data that needs to be transferred, backed up and stored.  This procedure utilizes storage space more efficiently and reduces time and costs using intelligent compression technologies.  


Storing outdated and unused data is a process in itself, and we can help you establish that workflow with the proper tools.  Providing our clients with easy access to files in long-term retention in a separate data storage center is one of our specialties.  We’re mindful of compliance requirements, and we’re extremely thorough about the retention of this sensitive information.
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