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Virtually everything you need in a single view

Built on top of Windows 8, Apportals organize and reveal data and apps needed for a specific role or task. This breakthrough functionality enables users to search less and solve more.

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If it runs in Windows, it runs in a Windows Apportal

Built on Windows 8.1, Apportals are powered by OS-level interoperability, with no fragile API calls to impact stability. They provides virtually anywhere, anytime access on Windows 8.1 devices—including all native touch, auto snap, and security features.

Simplifies App Management

TheWindows Apportals are deployed and automatically updated through the Corporate App Store. This structure streamlines app management, keeping your IT staff more productive. It also gives users easy access to line of business apps and consumer apps, and these constructs can be quickly built and implemented right out of the box

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Role-based views

.Tapping the power of the Windows Active Directory, Windows Apportals can filter, share, and display data on live tiles based on a user’s role. Extending to Grid Tiles and back-end data sources, users can find every app, link and relevant metric for a specific task.

Apportals can be shaped to fit nearly any specific task or role. Learn more about how Apportals can change your line of business (LOB) app lifestyle

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