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Nonprofits are a vital part of our community.  These organizations often have limited budgets, but they certainly need to operate like a million dollar company to continue servicing those in need.  With the onset of the Cloud, nonprofits have new and improved tools available to run more efficiently.  We have worked and supported a variety of charitable organizations, and we understand the need to operate on a shoestring budget.

Prism Technologies Group services the nonprofit sector by:    

  • Obtaining licensing of hardware and software at reduced rates
  • Developing programming that maximizes system functionality
  • Utilizing cost reduction techniques to adhere to limited budgets

We want your network and equipment to reliably deliver performance results without distracting from your other business needs. Our expertise and certifications ensure that your business benefits from outstanding service and stellar products. Allow us to contribute to your success by integrating IT that achieves greater productivity and cost efficiencies for your company.

The Difference is Our Perspective
  • delivering accountability
  • delivering functionality
  • delivering dependability
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