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Having serviced public and private academic institutions, Prism Technologies Group has specialized knowledge in this industry in regard to IT systems.  We understand the needs of schools, universities and training centers.  In this day and age, instruction extends beyond the classroom because it’s channeled through electronic communications, such as online courses, virtual presence, live streaming and other modes of distance learning.  

Prism Technologies Group tailors services geared towards:  

  • Mindsharing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Electronic and distance learning
  • Student and instructor interaction
  • Systems delivery to a large geographic area
We want your network and equipment to reliably deliver performance results without distracting from your other business needs. Our expertise and certifications ensure that your business benefits from outstanding service and stellar products. Allow us to contribute to your success by integrating IT that achieves greater productivity and cost efficiencies for your company.

The Difference is Our Perspective
  • delivering accountability
  • delivering functionality
  • delivering dependability
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