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We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional IT products and services to our clients.  We do this by adhering to a high performance standard.  We take personal responsibility in understanding each client’s needs so that we can provide the optimal IT products and services to improve their environment with vigilance to cost conservatism.

Our Guarantee:

  • Network Reliability
    Our 5/9 Guarantee ensures delivery of up to 99.999% reliability of our installed network environment guaranteed!  If we fail to achieve this delivery at any time during the course of our engagement, we will pay you.*  We want you to be continually operational, even when the business day has ended.
  • Rapid Response
    Our 60 Minute Guarantee ensures a quick response whenever there is an IT issue.  We pride ourselves in addressing our clients’ needs appropriately and with on-going communication until issue resolution is achieved.  Our work is tracked and seamless so there is continuity of service.
  • Accurate Delivery
    Our As-Promised Guarantee ensures we get the job done correctly, on time and within budget.  Once the project scope is agreed upon, we will deliver it, as promised, or we will pay the difference!
In addition, if you purchase recommended hardware or software that ultimately goes unused, our Buy Back Guarantee ensures we will buy it back from you at your original cost.*  

*In accordance with contract specifications.

Our Commitment:

We’re committed to providing an elite level of customer service both externally, to our clients and internally, within our own departments.  We empower our team to provide the best customer experience and to maintain a unified corporate culture of customer-focused work.  

We believe in:
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Success
  • Balance
  • Consistency

Our Performance Score:

Every Prism Technologies Group client is given the opportunity to score our performance.  Being that customer satisfaction is job number one, we invite our clients to report their experiences so we know how to continually deliver at an exceptional level.  

We aim for high scores in:

  • Response: 
    “Were services performed in a timely manner?”
  • Reliability:
    “Was our representative knowledgeable and professional? Did they accomplish the task as required?”
  • Efficient Solution Delivery: 
    “Did we provide the level of support you expected?”
  • delivering accountability
  • delivering functionality
  • delivering dependability
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3